PowerSquare <span style="color:#0099ff">X</span> Lenny Zbarsky
PowerSquare X Lenny Zbarsky
Hailing from the city that never sleeps, Lenny Zbarsky’s punchy abstract paintings capture the effervescent energy of New York City. Applying his signature abstract style, these modern pieces deliver dynamic intensity through rich color palettes and unconventional application techniques. Bring the vibrant into your everyday and stay powered anytime, as you charge your iPhone and Android devices on these next-gen wireless chargers. Splash your space with color and allow yourself to be inspired.
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Bicycle Girl USB Flash Drive
Bicycle Girl USB Flash Drive
CustomUSB proudly presents the first ever USB Flash Drive for AMC’s The Walking Dead: "Bicycle Girl" - the first "walker" Rick Grimes encounters after waking up from his coma in the premiere episode of the award-winning, critically acclaimed TV series. Now, you can own one of the series’ most iconic walkers. Observe first-hand this detailed, hand-painted 4-inch replica in all its glory. No gory detail was spared in this meticulously hand-sculpted figurine. Pull out the guts to expose the ultra-thin, waterproof USB flash drive, packed with plenty of space to store your most valuable files.
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FoldIT USB | Black
CustomUSB FoldIT® is the thinnest, most practical USB drive ever created, featuring patented technology which allows for an unprecedented thickness of only 1.2 mm. About as thin as a typical credit card or bookmark, FoldIT® is ideal for fitting inside a wallet, a mobile phone case, or inside a binder or book. When folded, the device is 2.4 mm thick, allowing it to be plugged into a standard USB port. FoldIT® features a rugged, yet flexible plastic-injected body with a living hinge capable of withstanding over 40,000 folds. The USB chip is tough enough to withstand the highest forms of stress you can throw at it. Dirt and Dust Proof, Shock Proof, Water Proof, and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
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Tru Blood USB Flash Drive
True Blood Bottle USB Flash Drive
"All Flavor. No Bite." Store all your nutritious files into the Tru Blood USB Bottle. Whether, you prefer A, B, or O type blood, this USB is sure to fulfill all your cravings. Crafted with ABS Plastic, The Tru Blood USB, is a durable, 2-piece flash drive, as well as a awesome key chain to store your files close to hand.   Due to licensing restrictions, we can only ship this item to USA and Canada.
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Gigs 2 Go Tear and Share USB Pack
Gigs 2 Go Flash Drive Pack
Gigs 2 Go is a low cost, tear-away flash drive that fits in your wallet. Made from recycled paper pulp and recycled plastic, this inexpensive, credit card-sized flash drive pack is a fast, easy way to share large files. The molded paper pulp enclosure is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and contains 4 ultra-thin USB chips, each secured inside a recycled plastic tray. Gigs 2 Go is renewable, bio-degradable, lightweight, and affordable! These eco-friendly flash drives are loaded with sophisticated technology; each of the 4 tabs has a chip-on-board (COB) flash memory stick in 1GB, 8GB Capacities (x4). Unlike other USB Drives, Gigs 2 Go flash drives are extremely rugged and durable - their memory chip is shockproof, waterproof, and does not require a cap for protection. So, whether you're sharing music and movies with family or friends, or large files to clients or customers, Gigs 2 Go are sure to make a statement as well as keep your important data safe in a reliable USB flash drive. Gigs 2 Go is great for creatives, photographers, sales and marketing pros, or anyone who wants to share files and send a message. It's easy. Simply tear and share! If you are interested in pre-loading your files onto Gigs 2 Go flash drives or would like to order a larger quantity, please click here to contact our sales department!   We will ONLY customize your Gigs 2 Go pack with your custom logo if you choose the 8GB X 4 (32GB) or 16GB X 4 (64GB) packs, otherwise each Gigs 2 Go pack will come engraved with the Gigs 2 Go stock logo. Please Note: Due to high demand, orders will be shipped 1-2 weeks after purchase.
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Dragon Egg USB Flash Drive
Dragon Egg USB Flash Drive
Hold all your important files on this bold necklace and wear it in support for the one true king (or queen). Crafted with intricate detail from a single piece of zinc alloy, this hefty drive features a twist-cap design and an aged silver finish for an authentic Westeros look.   Due to licensing restrictions, we can only ship this item to USA and Canada.
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Stark Direwolf Custom USB USB Drive
Stark Direwolf USB Drive
The North remembers. Put all your files on this bold data locket and wear it proudly. Crafted with intricate detail from a single piece of zinc alloy. Solid construction with chrome finish.   Due to licensing restrictions, we can only ship this item to USA and Canada.
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Hand of the King Pin Custom USB Flash Drive
Hand of the King Pin USB Drive
Keep your friends close and your files closer. Sculpted and molded from heavy zinc alloy. Bronzed and oxidized for a beautiful, authentic finish.   Due to licensing restrictions, we can only ship this item to USA and Canada.
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